Inclement Weather Policy


LNJSA By-Laws Match Cancellations, Postponements & Forfeits

60. It is expected that teams will turn up for all fixtured matches regardless of weather conditions. Teams failing to do so will be deemed as having forfeited the match. A decision may subsequently be made to cancel or postpone the match

61. Matches shall be cancelled or postponed in the event of lightning according to the following guideline: When the lightning flashes and thunder claps are less than 30 seconds apart, any play will be stopped immediately. Postponed matches shall be rescheduled pursuant to these by-laws

62. Matches will not be cancelled due to heavy wind or rain, however both coaches may make a mutual decision at any match to cancel or postpone the match due to severe weather or any safety concerns

63. For competition administration purposes, any postponed matches must be played as soon as possible following the original fixtured date.

64. Any club deciding to forfeit a match must advise the coach of the opposing team prior to the day the match is to be played. Any team failing to do this may, at the discretion of the LNJSA Committee, incur a fine. If in any FIFA Football match, the forfeiting team does not advise the opposing coach in sufficient time to cancel the referee, the forfeiting team shall be liable for the referee’s fee.

65. In the event of any forfeit a 3-0 win will be recorded in favour of the non-forfeiting team, and where applicable, competition points awarded accordingly.