Re-Turn It Fundraising Initiative for Association

A Big THANK YOU to Peter McClurg who has set up Containers for Change for LNJSA as a fundraiser.
Help our association if you can ⚽️🇦🇺👌
Get Cash for Containers! 

Return-It gives customers a 10-cent refund for each can, plastic or glass bottle returned at either Return-It Depots or Return-It Express Pods across WA.


All you need to do
1. Collect your empty cans, beer bottles, water bottles etc.
2. Take them to the Return-It Depot at 8 Wright Street, Busselton in the LIA.
3.  You will receive a docket with a QR code to scan in the payment machine.
4.  In the “where to choose scheme” key in C10371519 (LNJSA ID).
5. The cash will be deposited into the LNJSA Account.
6.  You can receive a breakdown of your containers for cash amount and email through to LNJSA if you choose.
Happy recycling and fundraising at the same time.
For more information click on link Frequently Asked Questions – Return It
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