LNJSA Coaching Scholarship


The Leeuwin Naturaliste Junior Soccer Association (LNJSA) Coaching Scholarship Grants are available to encourage young coaches to attend accredited coaching courses that will help improve their coaching knowledge and abilities.

Applicants for Scholarships need to be:-
1. Aged between 15-30 years;
2. Coaching or assisting coaching of a team within the LNJSA, this includes Country Week teams,
Development Squads and Football West training teams;
3. Attending an accredited coaching course; and
4. Have their Application approved by the LNJSA Executive Committee.

Young coaches can apply for grants of up to $100 each year to take part in accredited coaching courses.

Young coaches can apply for grants up to a maximum of three occasions.
The approval of the Application for Coaching Grants will be made by the LNJSA Executive based on the information provided by the Applicant.

On approval of the Application by the LNJSA Executive, Applicants will be notified, and funds will be
transferred by Electronic Transfer to the Applicant’s bank account.

It is expected that the successful Applicant will provide proof of attendance and in the event that they are unable to attend the course indicated on the application the LNJSA Executive will need proof of re-enrolment or the funds returned.

LNJSA Coaching Scholarship Grant Application

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